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VisionLaw Attorneys is a dynamic and fast growing law firm. We serve our clients on a wide range of civil and criminal law and provide services in all legal matters.

We serve private citizens, for example in litigation, criminal proceedings, divorce, child law, termination of employment or housing transactions.

We are also focused on legal services for small and medium enterprises. SMEs need daily assistance in a variety of agreement issues, employment relationship issues, issues pertaining to employment contracts, funding and its terms, real property law, product development subsidies, the web and brands, trademarks, marketing law, partnership agreements, etc. VisionLaw provide answers to the essential legal questions that are relevant to companies.

We are member of Finnish Bar Association. Our lawyers are obliged to comply with the law and ethical rules of the Bar Association. Instructions and other regulations concerning lawyers are available on the Finnish Bar Association’s website at www.asianajajaliitto.fi.

We operate nationwide with a special focus on the Helsinki and Tampere region. Our advanced Online-working tools guarantee the best available legal support to our customers.

Please contact us with phone (+358401239111), WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

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